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Change from the ground up.

Radical Roots Café was created out of a desire to make it easier to find wholesome and ethically produced vegan food in the New Forest, UK. Without the thousands of pounds necessary to invest in the perfect premises or the patience to wait until we found a benign and wealthy investor, we took the initiative to take the food to our customers by pop-up café and catering stall at markets, fairs, festivals and community events.

We travel wherever the rising demand for healthy, seasonal and inspiring vegan food takes us. From the fringes to the mainstream, the desire for multi-dimensional, cosmopolitan flavour combinations continues to explode amongst omnivores and herbivores alike.  Our dishes are created to nourish and inspire in equal measure with colour, taste and texture sensations that leap outside the boundaries of what is commonly thought of as typical vegan food and at prices that are streetfood affordable.  Vegan food has never been so cool!

Our promises.

We’re not perfect, but we work very hard to be good. Below is a list of our promises.

  • To produce food that has maximum taste and nutritional value with minimal environmental impact. Ok, we do let the nutritional value thing slide a little for some of our naughty treats.
  • To only ever use ingredients of plant origin.
  • To create all our dishes from scratch using as many wholefoods as we can squeeze in.
  • To never use GMO stuff.
  • To put our customers’ health, pleasure and well-being before increased profits.
  • To keep our use of common allergens such as soya and gluten to a minimum.
  • To put the planet’s health and well-being before increased profits.
  • To source ingredients locally, organically, seasonally and fairly traded whenever we can.
  • To keep our prices as reasonable and affordable as possible.

The Team.